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Men Matter

Men Matter

My purpose:

- Raising awareness to mens issues through, Testicular Cancer Canada.

- Please donate

Men Matter!

-Yes we do!

-We all started somewhere.

-The male version of 50/50

TESTICLES (Jewels of a mans being)

In our lives we all will or have been touched by Cancer, (one form or another).

We all have Fathers, sons, brothers or even just friends that could be touched by this disease.

We Men are tough!

-Too tough to admit when we suspect there's something wrong!

-Too tough to swallow our pride!

-Too tough to talk about our emotions!

-Too tough to ask for help!

-Too tough to show our brothers we care!

As I ride across our great nation raising funds and awareness, I invite everyone and anyone (non- gender specific) to join me. Ride for a day, an hour or 1km.

As simple as a wave along my path, or kind word on one of my pages.

Every bit helps!

Testicular Cancer Canada saves lives!

They generate awareness and give us support when needed.

I'm just a man of non- epic proportions, in my way trying to make a difference.

Please Donate.

I humbly thank you for the donations, support, encouragement and taking the time to read my story.

Follow me along my journey for the pictures and stories i attain as the km count rises behind me. 

PodsyPodsy @ FaceBook

Podzy11 @ Instagram

Once again, thank you for your time.

Lets Make A Difference!!


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